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The Lice Place

The Lice Place, Health & Medical

4222 Trinity Mills Rd #116
Dallas , Texas 75287
(972) 380-1900




12/13/19 Review By-

I’m 42 my son is 7. I received weekly emails about lice in his class but he never had a case in two years. I’ve never seen lice nor had it. Then one morning my luck ran out. Bugs were in my sons hair. I went in to full blown panic mode- even vomiting twice!! To every mother, stay calm, put your child’s hair in satan wrap or shower cap- drive to the live place and breathe!! ALL WILL BE OKAY! I had no idea what to use on his hair, no idea how to de-lice the house. Luckily, I ran across this website. I never knew a place like this was real. I wanted to call 911 or take him to the ER. My son has bugs in his hair. I felt helpless. I couldn’t protect him. At the end of the day- I had eggs he had adult lice and eggs. It was pricey but I’d do it again in a heart beat just knowing it’s all gone and I can sleep at night without worrying about bugs!!!! THANK YOU DEANNE IN KATY TEXAS! Racheal Huber. -

Mr. Tate
08/24/18 Review By-

My son got lice this summer RIGHT before school started. I was so stressed and upset. Chris Tate made me feel like everything was going to be okay. He made sure my son got the best treatment. My son is lice free and I'm not stressed anymore. I highly recommend The Lice Place in Midlothian. It's a great place all the way around!

The Lice Place Saved The Day!
03/13/18 Review By-

This place is awesome and the ladies that work there are terrific. We found lice eggs (nits) in my daughter's hair and I was completely overwhelmed with the daunting task of having to remove them. I reached out to the Lice Place and they gave me the information and sold me the products I needed to do everything myself. I followed the directions and everything came out great! They saved the day! They would've been willing to do the removal, and I would've let them. The only issue is I am a stay-at-home mom on a tight budget so they worked with me and gave me the info I needed to do it myself. I am really glad I found them and really appreciate their help!

The Lice Place - Lice Removal Clinic
03/13/18 Review By-

Took my daughter to the Allen location, they are awesome! Kind, professional and thorough! Thank you, thank you for getting us through this un-fun situation!!!!!

The Lice Place, Great Lice Removal Experience
03/13/18 Review By-

My 4 year old daughter got lice from her preschool and this place was worth every penny. We tried an at home treatment on her without success. My hair is super thick and curly so my husband found it difficult to thoroughly check my hair so we went in for checks too. The combs are $25 but luckily we only had to pay for one. They said they could use the same comb to check each family member but once they found someone with lice we had to buy that comb for the infested individual and no one else could use the comb. They checked the hubby first and he was clear so they were able to check me with the same comb and I was clear, and used it last on our daughter. They could have made us each pay $25 for a comb but they didn't. Instead we only had to pay $25 for one comb for our daughter. We had them do treatment on her and bought some product too. The girl (I think Nina) was great at explaining everything and showing us how to properly do a check on our daughter's hair. They had a TV for our daughter to watch while she was treated. We went back a week later for her recheck and she was clear.

The Lice Place is great!
03/13/18 Review By-

This place is great! Walked in after making an appointment, didn't have any wait. Explained everything and answered my questions, very informative! Thank you KayCe you were wonderful!!

Excellent Lice Removal Treatment
03/13/18 Review By-

Ok, I'm guessing no one's reviewed this awesome establishment because they're embarrassed they've had lice. I was horrified and disgusted as well when I realized my babysitting charge infected me with them, but by now I have little shame... I got way too used to the pesky lice I kept treating myself and re-finding a few weeks later. Finally I found the TLS during a Google search I performed minutes before I took a razor to my head in utter frustration, and I am SO GLAD I did!! These women who work here are fast and efficient, and I'm kicking myself for not coming here the first time I noticed lice rather than wasting my time and $$ at the doctor and filling multiple prescriptions and going through the agonizing process of attempting to comb through my whole head myself. UGHHH. (Lice have gotten so strong and immune to even Rx treatment that it's a total waste to even bother). They charge $95/hr plus the cost of an amazing lice comb (that you keep) which is about $25, but they worked so fast on my thick hair and then didn't even charge me for the whole two hours! It ended up costing me only $140 when they could have easily charged me over $200. Being as broke as I am, I really appreciate that!! Best of all, of course, is I have NO more lice! And they do a follow-up check a week later, which is included. Their products are totally safe, too, which is nice. You can buy them to take home, too. So yeah, if you want to save yourself multiple headaches and a ton of time and frustration, come here the first time you notice lice! They're professional, friendly, super efficient, and you'll find it's an absolute godsend!

Took great care of us
02/28/18 Review By-

Not the most fun experience to deal with but they were great and treated my daughter so nicely.

Great service
02/15/18 Review By-

Very friendly staff, made us feel comfortable right away

Thank you so much!
02/15/18 Review By-

After finding lice on my daughters hair just before we were leaving on vacation, I was panicked to say the least! I contact The Lice Place and they were able to get us in right away. Excellent service!