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McQuinn Naturopathic

A unique team of Naturopathic Doctors that put the Care back in healthCARE! Who don't just treat our patients we Teach our patients.

1429 Broadway
Everett , WA 98201




09/17/20 Review By- On Yelp

BEST Dr ever! Our entire family uses Dr. Sambrano. Of course we all have dramatically different personalities and health issues. She has made each of us...

07/29/20 Review By- On Google

Dr Rhiddi Blow is a compassionate, knowledgeable and thorough provider. She has been a great asset to my quest for good health and has assisted me tremendously to that end over the past several years. I am healthier because of the quality care, encouragement and guidance I receive from her at McQuinn Naturopathic.

05/26/20 Review By- On Google

I’m very happy with Dr Sandi Sambrano. She takes the time to listen, answer questions and truly focus on the issues compared to test results. I’m already noticing an improvement in some of my health symptoms.

03/18/20 Review By- On Google

LOOK NO FURTHER McQuinn Naturalpathic is where you want and need to be! I know this a long review but please read. So, if anyone notices that I marked 4 stars and did not leave a review on their website is because I do not leave reviews and had no idea what I was doing. This facility and staff deserve my time like no other. This review is a long time overdue, but life as we know happens. My story is long and will attempt to make it as brief as possible. Just know that YOU are in the RIGHT spot if you are reading this. Dr. William Duarte saved my life! In 2016, I went from being a hard working, physically active, mom and wife to not walking, to not being able to talk or use my arms or hardly keep my eyes open. I was a living breathing vegetable. My husband would have to carry me to the bathroom, change my diapers you name it he had to do it all because well something was wrong with me but multiple , Neurologists, Spine specialist, Rheumatologist, Ear Nose Throat Specialist, Dermatologist, PCP, long hospital stays, Physical Therapist and who knows how many others I seeked help from. I am TERRIFIED of the medical system PTSD. My first visit I was wheeled in on a chair, eyes could not open and I can not speak let alone barely hold my body up. Dr. Duarte out of all the doctors I have seen is the 1st one to read through my medical record that is the size of a mini bible. I started to cry at the fact that someone took the time to really get an idea of what he was working with. He did a technique I believe called the "Lightning Injection" holy heck did that hurt but who knew working on old incisions could make such a huge difference. He also adjusted my neck. At this point I was 30 days of not speaking or being able to communicate with my family, or hardly move. I left in happy tears and the next day Fathers Day 2017, I heard my first words "Can you hear me"? My husband came around the corner in disbelief, I was in shock, let me say it is crazy to hear your own voice after a month of silence. I stood up, did a little stretch and my voice went out. My husband reached out to Dr. D and told him what had happened, so we got back in and started on our long road to recovery. From there we started our journey of healing. Once I was up and going I was introduced to Dr. Sandi Sambrano and let me tell you I have two “Angles” working to heal me. Dr. Sandi and Dr. Duarte are so compassionate, empathetic, genuine, caring - "I want to help my patient" that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere, especially in WA. I could write for hours but LOOK NO FURTHER!!! Front desk staff AMAZING, Dr. Duarte and Dr. Sandi AMAZING, oh and their phlebotomist, she does a damn good job. Again I can't say enough great things about these people or their facility. My heart is and will always be with them, my appreciation and gratitude will always be there. Thank you again Dr. Duarte and Dr. Sambrano for giving me my life back!!! This is a page of my bible story and I am finally living again don’t second guess going to them. They know what they are doing! I wish you and your family the very best and hope you get yourself onto a road of recovery as I have. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

01/27/20 Review By-

I’m a male in my 50’s. I’m very pleased with the positive changes in my health. Dr. Drake is an excellent listener, spends a considerable amount of time providing solutions for better health & lifestyle. It’s great to find a health care provider that really cares. Matthew

01/18/20 Review By- On Google

I found Dr. Blow by asking my insurance to help me find a natropath that excepted our insurance. she is a God send. I had been recently diagnosed with hashimoto's by a different natropath . I asked my childrens pediatrician to check them because it can be genetic. They both have hashimoto's too. Their pediatrician sent a referral to an endocrinologist who said the wait list was 6 months! Dr. Blow has us all in the right direction and I couldn't be happier. I spent 3 years going to doctors and getting no answers for my symptoms. I go to a natropath and within 10 minutes of talking to me drew up bloodwork for me and found out what was really happening to me. I cannot say enough about my gratitude towards naturopathy. It's comforting knowing I have a doctor who really listens to me.

12/31/19 Review By- On Google

Love this place! Dr. James Drake has great bedside manner and actually cares. Moved here and had negative experience with the local corporate doctor referral factory so looked for an alternative and was lucky enough to find this gem. Nothing but positive experiences for me and the family.

12/27/19 Review By-

super easy to schedule appointments for all my health needs! bloodwork, supplements, health management, vitamin injections , acupuncture etc.

12/27/19 Review By-

I truly recommend doctor Sandy sambrano and doctor James they are very professionals and really care for their pacients best doctors ever

12/27/19 Review By-

Absolutely love the doctors and have nothing but positive experiences with Mcquinn Naturopathic in Everett