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HCG Weight Loss Center
05/21/15 Review By-

I am a 4'11 inch tall, 44 year old mom of 3 and have struggled with my weight for 13 years now since the birth of my last daughter. I have been on every diet there is, sure lost a little, but with no real success. I had seriously given up hope I would ever be under 200 pounds again. Dr. Dubroff's plan WORKS. I admit, I have even cheated a little bit with HCG but I tell him and what's going on and he helps me get back on track. He has helped me lose 30 pounds already (first time under 200 since 2002) and more than that I am aware of what I am putting in my mouth - not just trying to starve myself like I have done in the past. I am also taking the lipo shots, and listening to his advice and actually doing what he says. I am looking forward to another 60 being gone! I am dreaming big and I know I will get there. Injections are painless, they really are. He took the time to show me everything I needed to know. Thank you Dr. Dubroff for giving me confidence to do this, for not giving up on me for making me feel like a loser when I have my wine & cheese nights and have to take 2 steps back to go 3 steps forward, for being available and flexible with your appointments and for not making me feel like I am a number in a crowd. I highly recommend this to anyone - especially those who have almost given up hope - you can do this!

02/26/15 Review By- On Google

Dr. Dubroff treated my wrist and forearm that I get sharp pains from time to time doing mma training. At times when I hit the pads over and over weekly, I start to get pains in my left wrist. I wrap them of course as I box and do muay thai, but the pounding I believe has caused some inflammation. At times I was having sharp pains in my wrist when twist or turning, even at times when I would drive and use my left hand, I would feel some pain in my arm. I do not like to take Advil etc to help it, so I wanted a holistic solution. Dr. Dubroff treated my wrist with Prolo Therapy, and I have seen some great improvement in the pain in my wrist. I highly recommend it for anyone that has stiffness or pain in the wrists.

10/06/14 Review By- On Google

I am extremely satisfied with the service, expertise, and caring of Dr Dubroff. He truly takes a proactive approach to making sure that his patients have...

09/22/14 Review By- On Google

5 stars for Dr Dubroff at Holistic Solutions! I had been struggling with weight loss and decided to look into the HCG diet/injections. I contacted Dr...

09/14/14 Review By- On Google

Absolutely fantastic experience with Dr. Dubroff at Holistic Solutions. I had no clue what to expect when I went to this office, but I don't regret going and recommend others to him every chance someone asks. Others I have recommended all saw success in their weight loss goals as well. Not only does he assist with weight loss, at a fraction of the cost of other clinics I might add, he provides an overall holistic approach as well. He was able to assist with me hormonal issues, acne, asthma, and migraines. I saw him over a 2 month period and never felt better. My skin was clear and I was headache free. Additionally, I lost some stubborn weight! He is easy to schedule an appointment with and quick to respond if you have questions. I would recommend him to anyone. You won't be disappointed.