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Holistic Solutions


4455 Murphy Canyon Rd.
San Diego , CA 92123




02/28/18 Review By-

Helped me a lot when I was at a loss on what my options with my health were

HCG Injections For Weight Loss
02/27/18 Review By-

My experience with Dr. Dubroff has been exceptional to say the least! I went to him to learn more about weight loss through the HCG plan he offers. To my surprise he was extremely generous with his time taking making sure all of my questions were answered. In addition he even offered his cell phone number so that I could call or text any time with follow up questions! I opted for the 40 day HCG plan with weekly visits for accountability, he always greeted me with a smile and was in a good mood. At the end of the 40 day program I have lost 38 pounds and am keeping it off! I would recommend this program and doctor to anyone that is struggling with weight loss and committed to being honest with themselves about making a change! I look forward to working with him again as I continue with the rest of the weight I have to lose :)

HCG Weight Loss Center
02/21/18 Review By-

I've ordered HCG from Dr. Joe Dubroff several times and my results have been great. He's very responsive when you need to talk to him and can help guide you through the process. I'm on my final round to lose the last 15lbs of baby weight and cannot thank Dr. Joe enough for his help.

HCG Weight Loss
02/19/18 Review By-

Dr. Dubroff was great and I lost a ton of weight. Thank you so much!

HCG Weight Loss
02/15/18 Review By-

Dr Joseph is the real deal. A simple, straight to the point Affordable weight loss options done easily and 'in health'. Loved my results! I was never hungry or felt deprived and the Doctor is available the entire time to answer questions or offer advice. really enjoyed his 'no stimulates' approach. Thank you!

10 Stars+
02/07/18 Review By-

Dr. Joe is amazing! He is very kind and answers any and all questions you have. I even wrote him on the weekend and he responded very fast to my questions. 10 stars+

General Recommendation
02/07/18 Review By-

It was very informative. The location was convenient

Highly Recommend
02/07/18 Review By-

I am very pleased with Dr. Dubroff’s treatment. Highly recommend.

Caring and Respectful Treatment
02/07/18 Review By-

Dr. Dubroff really listened to me and made his treatments according to my individual needs. He always answers my emails and texts promptly, and he treats me in a caring and respectful way. He takes the time to answer my questions and explains things to me in a way that can be easily understood. I am happy he is always here for us!

Shoulder, Rotator Tears
02/07/18 Review By-

I have had wonderful results from Dr. Dubroff using Prolo Therapy to help with my left shoulder which has minor tears in the rotator cuff. Additionally, he has been able to help greatly with a painful sciatic condition in my right hip. I suffered with it for ten years. Dr. Dubroff’s Prolo Therapy injections provided immediate relief. I must say, it is not just the Prolo Therapy, but it is also the knowledge of the doctor administering it and his technique. Doctor Dubroff really seems to have a superior knowledge of how the Prolo Therapy works and of how to correctly apply it to various body locations and conditions.